Sentence Examples with the word cashmere

Katie asked, lifting a cashmere sweater.

Andre was dressed in cashmere and wool, his hair kept short and neat, his loafers more expensive than Kris's conference room had cost to build.

The Tibet goat is similar to the Angora in the fineness of its wool, and many are used in the making of cashmere shawls.

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The corpse, having been washed and shrouded, is placed in an open bier, covered with a cashmere shawl, in the case of a man; or in a closed bier, having a post in front, on which are placed feminine ornaments, in that of a woman or child.

The kaftan is confined by the girdle, which is a silk scarf, or cashmere or other woollen shawl.

Those who retain native costume wear a very full pair of silk trousers, bright colored stockings (usually pink), and a close-fitting vest with hanging sleeves and kirts, open down the front and at the sides, and long enough to turn up and fasten into the girdle, which is generally a cashmere shawl; a cloth jacket, richly embroidered with gold, and having short sleeves, is commonly worn over the vest.

There are large woollen factories at Cuzco and Lima, the Santa Catalina factory at the latter place turning out cloth and cashmere for the army, blankets, counterpanes and underclothing.