Sentence Examples with the word cartography

But although military operations added to our knowledge of the world, scientific cartography was utterly neglected.

The study of geography was advanced by improvements in cartography (see MAP), not only in the methods of survey and projection, but in the representation of the third dimension by means of contour lines introduced by Philippe Buache in 1737, and the more remarkable because less obvious invention of isotherms introduced by Humboldt in 1817.

See Unpublished Documents on the History of the Seychelles Islands Anterior to 18zo, with a cartography and a bibliography compiled by A.

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This is probably the first notice of the application of the camera to cartography and the reproduction of drawings, which is one of its principal uses at the present time.

Scarcely any specimens of ancient Egyptian cartography have survived.

He became a high authority on early American cartography and the history of the period of exploration.

Hence mathematical geography (see MAP), including cartography as a practical application, comes first.

Chambers's West Florida and its Relation to the Historical Cartography of the United States (Johns Hopkins Studies in Historical and Political Science, Series 16, No.

The second largest of all, Chichi-jima, in Japanese cartography was called Peel Island in 1827 by Captain Beechey, and the same officer gave the name of Stapleton Island to the Ototo-jima of the Japanese, and that of Buckland Island to their Ani-jima.

He introduced a new standard of accuracy in the cartography of ancient Greece.