Sentence Examples with the word carriage

A carriage depot includes sheds in motive which the vehicles are stored, arrangements for wash- depots.

But partly owing to the delay in making contact through the carriage down of air on the contact piece, and partly owing to the delay in establishing full current through selfinduction, the attracting force does not rise at once to its full value in the outgoing journey, whereas in the return journey the mercury tends to follow up the contact piece, and the full current continues up to the instant of break.

There is never any seen idle; the head of the house governs it not by a lofty carriage and oft rebukes, but by gentleness and amiable manners.

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Going in state to Ascot the queen was hissed by some ladies as her carriage drove on to the course, and two peeresses, one of them a Tory duchess, were openly accused of this unseemly act.

South Framingham has large manufactories of paper tags, shoes, boilers, carriage wheels and leather board; formerly straw braid and bonnets were the principal manufactures.

They are excellent for carriage aprons, being not only very light in weight and warm, but handsome.

A terminal station embraces (I) the passenger station; (2) the goods station; (3) the locomotive, carriage and waggon depots, where the engines and the carrying stock are kept, cleaned, examined and repaired.

Tonale Pass (Trent to Edolo), carriage road Passo di Zovetto (Val di Scalve to Edolo), bridle path Colle Maniva (Val Trompia to Bagolino), bridle path Campo or Ginevrie Pass (Dimaro by Campiglio to Pinzolo), carriage road.

Helmholtz was a man of simple but refined tastes, of noble carriage and somewhat austere manner.

Ofen Pass (Zernez to Mals), carriage road.