Sentence Examples with the word carnot

In early life he took an interest in politics, and the approval extended by Hippolyte Carnot to his Manuel rdpublicain de l'homme et du citoyen (1848) was the occasion of that minister's fall.

Hippolyte Carnot lived at first in exile with his father, returning to France only in 1823.

In 1890 he began to write for the Revolte, but his anarchist sympathies were definitely checked by the murder of President Carnot in 1894.

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Rewbell, Barras and La Revelliere Lepeaux had a full measure of the Jacobin spirit; Carnot and Letourneur favoured a more temperate policy.

There are also monuments to those inhabitants of Dijon who fell in the engagement before the town in 1870, and to President Carnot and Garibaldi.

Rewbell was an able, although unscrupulous, man of action, Barras a dissolute and shameless adventurer, La Revelliere Lepeaux the chief of a new sect, the Theophilanthropists, and therefore a bitter foe to other religions, especially the Catholic. Severe integrity and memorable public services raised Carnot far above his colleagues, but he was not a statesman and was hampered by his past.

The persons chosen were Rewbell, Barras, La Revelliere Lepeaux, Carnot and Letourneur.

Count Lazare Carnot died here in exile, and was buried in the cemetery, but his remains were exhumed in 1889 and conveyed to Paris.

The election of Merlin of Douay and Francois of Neufchatel as Directors, in place of Carnot and Barthelemy, gave to that body a compactness which enabled it to carry matters with a high hand, until the hatred felt by Frenchmen for this soulless revival of a moribund Jacobinism gradually endowed the Chambers with life and strength sufficient to provoke a renewal of strife with the Directory.

Events, indeed, might readily have gone in favour of the moderates had Carnot acted with decision; but he relapsed into strange inactivity, while Barras and his military tool prepared to coerce the majority.