Sentence Examples with the word caring

Gabe fought, not caring what happened.

He can level a city and walk away without caring about anyone who got hurt.

Deidre glanced over her shoulder, not really caring at that moment, not when she felt like her world was squeezing the life out of her.

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The place became an asylum for lepers and the caring for them began to be a charity under government charge in 1866; but conditions here were at first unspeakably unhygienic, their improvement being largely due to Father Damien, who devoted himself to this work in 1873.

In raising funds and equipping and supplying troops the governor showed great energy and resourcefulness, and his plans and organizations for caring for the needy widows and children of Pennsylvania soldiers killed in battle, and for aiding and removing to their homes the sick and wounded were widely copied throughout the North.

She struggled against him, not caring what he did to her now that he'd taken away her only real hope of leaving.

Rhyn eyed him and started down the hall, not caring what his brother thought of anything at the moment.

She turned off the communicator, not caring if he said anything else.

She sank down with her back to the door, not caring about the cold day or the snow that seeped through her clothes to chill her.

In 1818 he resumed his labours at Emmitsburg, and from this time until 1834 he held an almost unparalleled place in the American church, being constantly consulted by clergy throughout the country, besides lecturing, teaching, preaching and caring for his parish.