Sentence Examples with the word caricature

Protestant writers once contented themselves with a brief caricature of the Church, Position of Object.

Maurepas, generally ascribed to the comte de Provence (Louis XVIII.), containing a bitter caricature of Turgot.

It would be a mistake to think that this is ironic--a caricature of the historical accounts.

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He eschewed the pulpit and stood in front of the altar, looking like a caricature of Ichabod Crane, gaunt and gangling, but the words from his mouth were pure silver.

In striving to imitate the rugged strength and independence of their master Socrates, they went to such extremes as rather to caricature him.

The clothing, when not a caricature of European dress, is of the scantiest, and the waggling tags in which the loin-cloths are tied behind early gave rise to fanciful stories that the inhabitants were naked and tailed.

As presented to us, for example, in Plato's surely not altogether hostile caricature in the Euthydemus, they mark the intellectual preparation for, and the moral need for, the advance of the next generation.

The reputed founder of Japanese caricature may also be added to the list.

The artificial character of the diction renders it in emotional passages stilted and even absurd, and makes Canning's clever caricature - The Loves of the Triangles - often remarkably like the poem it satirizes: in some passages, however, it is not without a stately appropriateness.

The portrait as a whole is not in the least like Paul, and could not even have been intended for a caricature of him.