Sentence Examples with the word carefully

The western division consists of low fen or clay soil and presents a monotonous expanse of rich meadow-land, carefully drained in regular lines of canals bordered by stunted willows, and dotted over with windmills, the sails of canal craft and the clumps of elm and poplar which surround each isolated farm-house.

Charles of Valois, was carefully educated, and was destined for the order of Malta.

Hulme, however, who has carefully investigated the subject, is of opinion that flint-glass in its present form was introduced about 1730.

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As some of these substances (for example, lead sulphide and copper pyrites) are readily fusible when first heated, but become more refractory as part of the sulphur is dissipated and oxygen takes its place, it is important that the heat should be very carefully regulated at first, otherwise the mass may become clotted or fritted together, and the oxidizing effect of the air soon ceases unless the fritted masses be broken small again.

Previously, he'd carefully planned his abductions and never came close to getting caught.

The requirements of sickness and old age are carefully provided for in the infirmary cloister and that for the aged and infirm members of the establishment.

The finances of the state were economically managed, and taxpayers were most carefully guarded from oppression.

But In Order To Obtain Trustworthy Results By This Method He Found It Necessary To Employ Very Rapid Stirring (2000 Revolutions Per Minute), And To Insulate The Wire Very Carefully From The Liquid To Prevent Leakage Of The Current.

Like other bulbs they are increased by offsets, which should be carefully removed when the plants are at rest, and should be allowed to attain a fair size before removal.

She watched, astonished, as it carefully cleaned her feet without hurting them and then slathered on oil from one vial and wrapped them in gauze.