Sentence Examples with the word career

The fatality by which Hercules kills so many friends as well as foes recalls the destroying Apollo; while his career frequently illustrates the Delphic views on blood-guiltiness and expiation.

The demoralization brought about by the evil years between 1453 and 1483 could not be lived down in a dayany sort of treason was possible to the generation that had seen the career of Warwick and the usurpation of Gloucester.

You know how important my career is to me.

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This long parliamentary career was closed by a courageous protest against the coup d'etat of December 2, 1851.

His career was soon after interrupted by the triumphant return of Sulla (82 B.C.), who ordered him to divorce his wife, and on his refusal deprived him of his property and priesthood and was induced to spare his life only by the intercession of his aristocratic relatives and the college of vestal virgins.

The next six years he passed at the castle of Vico Nuovo, in Piedmont, as a guest of the family of La Rovere, at first dividing his time between military expeditions in the summer, and study, chiefly of medicine and natural history, in the winter, until a severe attack of rheumatic gout brought his military career to a close.

From 1461 to 1465 the career of Matthias was a perpetual struggle punctuated by truces.

The situation was saved by a newspaper whicl from the outset of its career obeyed the best canons of journalism - Born in 1882, the fiji Shimpo (Times) enjoyed the immense advan tage of having its policy controlled by one of the greatest thinker of modern Japan, Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Bourgeois's career as an homme de gouvernement.

Though a man of great personal strength, Arkwright never enjoyed good health, and throughout his career of invention and discovery he laboured under a severe asthmatic affection.