Sentence Examples with the word care

Indeed, from first to last, the Polish gentry as a body took good care to pay and fight as little as possible, and Casimir depended for the most part upon the liberality of the Church and the Prussian towns, and the valour of the Hussite infantry, 17c,000 of whom, fighting on both sides, are said to have perished.

The deacons have general oversight of the material affairs of the congregation, and are especially charged with the care of poor widows and their children.

The disease is due to poisoning by micro-organisms produced by deteriorated maize, and can be combated by care in ripening, drying and storing the maize.

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The constant care bestowed by his father on his education resulted in an honourable but not particularly distinguished career for young Stanhope.

The leaves are graded with the most scrupulous care and finally packed in bales of about 176 lb each.

Scores of towns, too, owe their origin and enlargement to the care of the Angevin princes, who were lavish of privileges and charters, and saw to it that the high-roads were clear of robbers.

If the creditor did not care to purchase land, it was supposed that he could obtain the face-value for them from those who desired land.

He takes care of sixty little blind girls and seventy little blind boys.

I don't care about all your bones foolishness, but Fitz buying the vodka scares me.

They receive a small and hardly sufficient, allowance for food of 50 centesimi a day, which they are at liberty to supplement by work if they can find it or care to do it.