Sentence Examples with the word carcass

Josh Reynolds, you can march your jealous carcass right out that door and don't you come back until you can talk to me like I'm a reasonably intelligent and decent person.

The men gathered at the spot where she and Josh had seen the deer carcass and appeared to be discussing something.

It is supplanting the Border Leicester as a sire of mutton sheep; for, although its progeny is slower in reaching maturity, tegs can be fed to greater weights in spring - 65 to 68 lb per carcass - without becoming too fat to be classed as finest quality.

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Damian turned in time to see the vamp Charlie struggling to drag a skinned deer carcass across the threshold.

I looked around and found a deer carcass up by the tree line.

With their broad, straight backs, curved ribs, and capacious quarters, they carry a great weight of carcass upon strong, wide-standing legs.

He motioned to the demon.s carcass a short distance from them.

She made a circle around the carcass looking for tracks and finally found one.