Sentence Examples with the word carboxylic acid

Cyclo-heptanone (suberone), C 7 H 12 O, is formed on the distillation of suberic acid with lime, and from a-brom-cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid by treatment with baryta and subsequent distillation over lead peroxide (R.

Cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid (suberanic acid), C7H13C02H, is obtained by the reduction of cyclo-heptene-I-carboxylic acid; from brom-cyclo-heptane by the Grignard reaction; and by the reduction of hydrotropilidine carboxylic acid by sodium in alcoholic solution (R.

Potassium persulphate oxidizes it in alkaline solution, the product on boiling with acids giving hydroquiirone carboxylic acid (German Patent 81,297).

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An a-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid and its hydroxy derivatives have been detected by E.

When digested with fuming hydrochloric acid for some time it is converted into ad furfurane dicarboxylic acid (see Furfurane); while on heating with barium sulphide it is transformed into a - thiophene carboxylic acid (see Thiophene).

On oxidation .ith chromic acid it forms a quinone, C 15 H 8 0 2, and an a-diphenylene keto carboxylic acid C E I-4 3.