Sentence Examples with the word carboxylic

On oxidation with chromic or nitric acids, or potassium permanganate, it yields nicotinic acid or (3-pyridine carboxylic acid, C 5 H 4 N CO 2 H; alkaline potassium ferricyanide gives nicotyrine, C10H10N2, and hydrogen peroxide oxynicotine, C10H14N20.

The diazo cyanides, C 6 H 5 N 2 CN, and carboxylic acids, C6H5.

Benzene and its homologues, carboxylic acids, and nitro compounds are much more stable towards oxidizing agents than.

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On oxidation .ith chromic acid it forms a quinone, C 15 H 8 0 2, and an a-diphenylene keto carboxylic acid C E I-4 3.

Cyclo-heptene-i- carboxylic acid-i is prepared from oxysuberanic acid.

Potassium persulphate oxidizes it in alkaline solution, the product on boiling with acids giving hydroquiirone carboxylic acid (German Patent 81,297).

Chromic acid in glacial acetic acid solution oxidizes it to picene-quinone, picene-quinone carboxylic acid, and finally to phthalic acid.

Four cyclo-heptene carboxylic acids are known.

Limpach, Ber., 1887, 20, P 947) Numerous carboxylic acids of quinoline are known, the most important of which are quinaldic, cinchoninic and acridinic acids.

Amino-cyclo-heptane (suberylamine) is obtained by the reduction of suberone oxime or by the action of sodium hypobromite on the amide of cycloheptane carboxylic acid.