Sentence Examples with the word caramel

A man with caramel skin, a woman openly armed with a gun, and a man Jule's size with unnatural golden eyes.

With dark hair and eyes and the caramel skin marking his Cuban heritage, Jonny was tall and lanky.

She crossed to it and peered through the peep hole, surprised to see Jonny's caramel features and black eyes.

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Together, maybe with caramel sauce.

Dusty's lifemate was small and shapely with a sunny disposition and caramel features that resembled her brother's, the Black God.

She drank the caramel liquid too fast and was soon too dizzy to stand.

His dark eyes and caramel features seemed much older than his nineteen years.

Samantha stood at 5'10 with caramel colored skin and curly jet-black hair that fell to the middle of her back.