Sentence Examples with the word caracas

There is railway connexion with Caracas by the Great Venezuela line (German) and with Puerto Cabello by the Puerto Cabello and Valencia line (English), which crosses the N.

Caracas was founded in 1567 by Diego de Losada under the pious title of Santiago de Leon de Caracas, and has been successively capital of the province of Caracas, of the captaincygeneral of Caracas and Venezuela, and of the republic of Venezuela.

Twenty-two volumes of official documents bearing on Bolivar's career were officially published at Caracas in 1826-1833.

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Above Caracas the highest peak of the system, Silla de Caracas, rises to 8531 ft.

The last two towns are on the railway between Caracas and Valencia.

A war ensued which lasted for upwards of ten years and the principal events of which are described under Bolivar, a native of Caracas and the leading spirit of the revolt.

West-south-west of Caracas near the north-east shore of Lake Valencia.

In the Maritime Andes at and above the altitude of Caracas it may be described as semitropical, and in the still higher regions of western Venezuela it approaches the mild temperate.

On the 9th of December 1905 protocols were signed at Caracas accepting the line between Cucuhy and the Serra Cupuy located in 1880, and referring the remainder, which had been located by a Brazilian commission in 1882 and 1884, to a mixed commission for verification.

At the beginning of the War of Independence it was made the capital of Venezuela, and the patriot congress was in session there in 1812 when Caracas was destroyed by an earthquake.