Sentence Examples with the word caracal

The caracal is easily tamed, and in some parts of India is trained to capture the smaller antelopes and deer and such birds as the crane and pelican.

In South Africa, where the caracal abounds, its hide is made by the Zulus into skin-cloaks, known as karosses.

As an English word(lynx)the name is used of any animal of this group. It is not certain to which of these, if to any of them, the Greek name X y was especially applied, though it was more probably the caracal than any of the northern species.

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The cheetah lingers in the extreme south of the Jerid; so also does the caracal lynx.

DRAGASHANI (Rumanian Dragasani), a town of Rumania, near the right bank of the river Olt, and on the railway between Caracal and Ramnicu Valcea.

The North African caracal has been separated as Lynx, or Caracal, berberorum, but it is best regarded as a local race.