Sentence Examples with the word captivated

Shortly afterwards he went to Germany, where he began to study Kant, and was much captivated by Lessing.

While residing here he captivated and seduced the beautiful daughter of the prince, Philippa, sister of the empress Maria.

She revived that faith; she consolidated her throne; she not only captivated the affections of the multitude, but won the respect of thoughtful men; and all this she achieved by methods which to her predecessors would have seemed impracticable - methods which it required no less shrewdness to discover than force of character and honesty of heart to adopt steadfastly.

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His enthusiasm for the land and the people, his idealistic outlook, his bright but simple manner, his utter lack of conventionality and stiffness, his fondness for travelling and nature and sport captivated the Canadian heart.

She was curious about the softer side of him and captivated by his steady gaze.

She captivated him as she glided across the stage.

A fortnight passed before he decided to support Sieyes in effecting a change in the constitution; and by then he had captivated all men except Bernadotte and a few intransigeant Jacobins.

In vain did he seek to dazzle the tsar by assembling about him the vassal kings and princes of Germany; in vain did he exercise all the intellectual gifts which had captivated the tsar at Tilsit; in vain did he conjure up visions of the future conquest of the Orient; external display, diplomatic finesse, varied by one or two outbursts of calculated violence - all was useless.

She was pleased to see that he was captivated by her and it did not occur to her that there was anything wrong in it.

She says he's captivated by her writing.