Sentence Examples with the word capricious

In times past, biblical exegesis, religious ideals, and ecclesiastical organization, the purely political aims of statesmen, chance combinations of party politics and the intrigues of diplomatists, class prejudice, social conventions, apparently sudden changes of economic policy, capricious changes of fashion - all these causes and many others have exerted a direct and immediate influence on the economic life of the community.

Suddenly expelled from Mittau in 1801 by the capricious Paul I., Louis made his way, in the depth of winter, to Warsaw, where he stayed for three years.

But Henry, despite a violent and capricious temper, had a strong taste for the work of a legislator and administrator.

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In addition to his misconceptions there are sundry capricious alterations, some of them very grotesque, due to Mahomet himself.

In the two earliest books, accordingly, he lays down and largely illustrates the first principles of being with the view of showing that the world is not governed by capricious agency, but has come into existence, continues in existence, and will ultimately pass away in accordance with the primary conditions of the elemental atoms which, along with empty space, are the only eternal and immutable substances.

But in his very denial of a cruel, limited and capricious agency of the gods, and in his imaginative recognition of an orderly, all-pervading, all-regulating power, we find at least a nearer approach to the higher conceptions of modern theism than in any of the other imaginative conceptions of ancient poetry and art.

So true is it that sober history is often stranger and more capricious than all the marvels of legend and romance.

The winds from the north and those from the south are at constant feud, and blow cold or hot in the most capricious manner, often in the course of the same day.

By this arrangement the capricious divisions of some books is avoided.

Here, indeed, their materials were naturally fuller and more trustworthy, and less room was left for fanciful decoration and capricious alteration of the facts.