Sentence Examples with the word capitate

The style is simple or branched, and the stigma is linear, capitate or globose in form; these variations afford means for distinguishing the different genera.

The superior ovary - half-inferior in Samolus - bears a simple style ending in a capitate entire stigma, and contains a free-central placenta bearing generally a large number of ovules, which are exceptional in the group Gamopetalae in having two integuments.

Sessile, with the margin undivided; with eight colletocystophores and eight adradial groups of capitate tentacles.

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The genus Myriothela is a solitary polyp with scattered capitate tentacles, producing sporosacs.

The dactylozoids have no mouth; in Milleporidae they have short capitate tentacles, but lack tentacles in Stylasteridae.

Tr ophosome, polyps with an upper circlet of numerous capitate tentacles, and a lower circlet of filiform tentacles.

Some or all of the anthers become twisted so that insects in probing for honey will touch the anthers with one side of their head and the capitate stigma with the other.

The gastrozoids usually bear short capitate tentacles, four, six or twelve in number; but in Astylus (fig.

Trophosome, polyps with a single whorl of capitate tentacles; gonosome, free medusae, with ten tacles branched, solid.