Sentence Examples with the word capital

MASAYA, the capital of the department of Masaya, Nicaragua, 13 m.

In short, Lassalle accepted the orthodox political economy to show that the inevitable operation of its laws left no hope for the working classes, and that no remedy could be found but by abolishing the conditions in which these laws had their validity - in other words, by abolishing the present relations of labour and capital altogether.

At the end of 1099 any contemporary observer must have believed that the capital of Latin Christianity in the East was destined to be Antioch.

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By 1859 there were already fifty-one gardens in existence, owned by private individuals; and the enterprise had extended from its original headquarters in Lakhimpur and Sibsagar as far down the Brahmaputra as Kamrup. In 1856 the tea-plant was discovered wild in the district of Cachar in the Barak valley, and European capital was at once directed to that quarter.

These three were Mobile (38,469), Birmingham (38,415), and Montgomery (30,346), the capital of the state.

But the empire was vast and weak, and its capital lay far away; in practice, no doubt, the lagoon population enjoyed virtual independence, though later the Byzantine claim to suzerainty became one of the leading factors in the formation of the state.

The capital is Guadalajara, and other important towns with their populations in 1900 (unless otherwise stated) are: Zapotlanejo (20,275), 21 m.

A wealthy publisher of European reputation attended the court of his native town, the capital of a small grand-duchy, in virtue of the honorary title Hofrat; his wife, not being noble, did not accompany him.

ASCOLI PICEN0 1 (anc. Asculum), a town and episcopal see of the Marches, Italy, the capital of the province of Ascoli Piceno, 17 m.

The spinning and weaving of wool, cotton and silk are the principal industries, but the enterprising spirit of the Catalans has compelled them to try almost every industry in which native capital could attempt to compete with foreign, especially since the institution of the protectionist tariffs of 1892.