Sentence Examples with the word capillarity

It tends to improve the tilth and the capillarity of the soil by binding sands together somewhat and by opening up clays.

The dependency of capillarity upon abruptness of transition.

Not only does water move upwards, but it is transferred by capillarity in all directions through the soil.

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In its full extension the subject of capillarity is very wide.

The following branches have especially felt his influence: - chemical physics, capillarity and viscosity, theory of gases, flow of liquids, photography, optics, colour vision, wave theory, electric and magnetic problems, electrical measurements, elasticity, sound and hydrodynamics.

Water will rise in clay by capillarity to a height of 50 in., in sand to as in.

If a number of small enough holes be drilled through a solid substance which is not wetted by the liquid, our knowledge of the phenomena of capillarity shows us that it needs pressure to force the liquid into the holes.