Sentence Examples with the word capability

He left open the question whether the capability of sensation belongs to all matter, or is confined to the combinations of certain materials.

The increasing lethal capability of weapons does not seem to have been a deterrent to war in the past.

She hesitated, then looked at what capability the pod did have to keep her from smashing into the planet, even if she made it through the atmosphere.

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I knew craved forgiveness from the others, but lacked the capability to attain it.

He possessed the capability to make victims forget, yet when they were willing participants, as most were, he enjoyed knowing they remembered their time with him.

He withdrew the annual allowance, and Burke set to work to win for himself by indefatigable industry and capability in the public interest that position of power or pre-eminence which his detractors acquired either by accident of birth and connexions or else by the.

The Nuffield languages program promotes a strategic approach to the development of national capability in languages.

He had always been the enemy with the most capability to harm her, yet did the most to help her.

The capability of reacting to stimuli, the result is stimulation (Verworn).

The capability was emplaced but never utilized.