Sentence Examples with the word cantonment

The principal town is Mazar-i-Sharif, which in modern times has supplanted the ancient city of Balkh; and Taklitapul, near Mazar, is the chief Afghan cantonment north of the Hindu Kush.

To the south of the cantonment is situated the park, created by the taste and public spirit of Lord Wellesley.

Belgaum contains a cantonment which is the headquarters of a brigade in the 6th division of the western army corps.

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It is the largest military cantonment in Bengal, with accommodation for two batteries of artillery, a European and a native infantry regiment.

In this neighbourhood is concentrated most of the Afghan army north of the Hindu Kush mountains, the fortified cantonment of Dehdadi having been completed by Sirdar Ghulam Ali Khan and incorporated with Mazar.

Owing to the importance of the military cantonment of Takhtapul, and its religious sanctity, it has long ago supplanted the more ancient capital of Balkh.

It is an important military cantonment and sanatorium, being the headquarters of a brigade in the second division of the northern army corps.

The cantonment is situated on the left bank of the Hugh; it has also a large bazaar and several large tanks, and also a parade ground.

Khalifat on the east of Quetta, flanking the Harnai loop of the Sind-Pishin railway; Takatu to the north; Chahiltan (Chiltan) on the south-west; and the great squareheaded Murdar to the south - all overlook the pretty cantonment from heights which range from 10,500 to 11,500 ft.

It was formerly a British military cantonment and residence of a political agent, but in 1886, when the fortress of Gwalior was restored to Sindhia, the troops at Morar were withdrawn to Jhansi, and the extensive barracks were likewise made over to Sindhia.