Sentence Examples with the word canton

BADEN, a town in the Swiss canton of Aargau, on the left bank of the river Limmat, 14 m.

He is assisted, and in some degree controlled, in his work by the district council (conseil darrondissement), to which each canton sends a member, chosen by universal suffrage.

But in 1798 the city was annexed to France and became the capital of the French department of Leman (to be carefully distinguished from the Swiss canton of Leman, that is Vaud, of the Helvetic Republic, also set up in 1798), while in 1802, by the Concordat, the ancient bishopric of Geneva was suppressed.

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It was over the Meiling Pass and down this river that, in old days, embassies landing at Canton proceeded to Peking.

LIESTAL, the capital (since 1833) of the half canton of BaselStadt in Switzerland.

In China his mention of Canton by the name of Censcolam or Censcolam (Chin-Kalan), and his descriptions of the custom of fishing with tame cormorants, of the habit of letting the finger-nails grow extravagantly, and of the compression of women's feet, are peculiar to him among the travellers of that age; Marco Polo omits them all.

LA CHAUX DE FONDS, a large industrial town in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel.

They naturally favoured the city at the expense of the rural districts, so that in 1832 the latter proclaimed their independence, and in 1833 were organized into the half canton of Basel Landschaft, the city forming that of Basel Stadt.

The Rhine rises in the mountains of the Swiss canton of the Grisons, and flows for 233 m.

Its political capital is Trogen, though the largest town is Herisau, while Teufen has 4595 inhabitants, and Heiden (3745 inhabitants) in the north-east corner is the most frequented of the many goats' whey cure resorts for which the entire canton is .famous (Urnasch and Gais are also in Ausser Rhoden).