Sentence Examples with the word cantilever

The Pasig river is crossed by two modern steel cantilever bridges.

The length of the cantilever bridge is 5330 ft., made up thus: central tower on Inchgarvie 260 ft.; Fife and Queensferry piers each 145 ft.; two central girders between cantilevers each 350 ft.; and six cantilevers each 680 ft.

The great cantilever bridges have been erected in the same way, and they are specially adapted for erection by building out.

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A cantilever railway bridge, 2260 ft.

Farther down the river are two railway bridges, the Michigan Central's cantilever bridge, completed in 1883, and the (lower) single steel arch bridge (completed in 1897, on the site of John A.

There are two high-level footways for use when the bascules are raised, the main girders of which are of the cantilever and suspended girder type.

The cantilever rests on two river piers 120 ft.

The counterweight is a depressed cantilever arm 12 ft.

The river is spanned here by a cantilever railway bridge 1895 ft.

This is due to the half weight of centre girder, the weight of the cantilever itself, the rolling load on half the bridge, and the wind pressure.