Sentence Examples with the word canteen

He wasn't going to leave until she did as he told her, so she removed the lid and tipped the canteen to her lips.

He placed a cool canteen on her lap.

Bordeaux filled the canteen and headed into the sand again.

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She lifted her canteen and allowed herself a swallow of the tepid water.

He threw the canteen and it hit Two's cheek.

It wasn't wise to allow a canteen to go empty in this country, but the water supply was getting low.

Only those things he always kept with him remained in his room; a small box, a large canteen fitted with silver plate, two Turkish pistols and a saber--a present from his father who had brought it from the siege of Ochakov.

She lifted her canteen from the wagon and took a mouthful.

Another company, a lucky one for not all the companies had vodka, crowded round a pockmarked, broad-shouldered sergeant major who, tilting a keg, filled one after another the canteen lids held out to him.

He lifted a canteen from the saddle horn and took a drink.