Sentence Examples with the word canoe

While these early traders used the canoe and the York boat,' yet the steam-boat played an important part in the early history of the region from 1868 till 1885, when access from the United States was gained by steamers down the Red River.

It was formerly employed by the Hudson's Bay Company as part of a canoe route to the fur lands of the north.

On the fourth day of the sail, a large canoe was descried, which seemed to have touched at a low isle of corals.

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This book made MacGregor and his canoe famous.

It is navigable for a period of about five months of the year, when the Purus valley is inundated; and, for the remaining seven months, only canoes can ascend it sufficiently high to communicate overland with the settlements in the great indiarubber districts of the Mayutata and lower Beni; thus these regions are forced to seek a canoe outlet for their rich products by the very dangerous, costly and laborious route of the falls of the Madeira.

The war canoe (which is a long, narrow dug-out outrigger, capable of holding twenty-eight men) is only a transport, for they never fight in it.

In 1752 John Finley, an Indian trader, descended the Ohio river in a canoe to the site of Louisville.

Paddle the canoe and fish, while the girls learn to spin and weave, grind maize, and cook - good conduct being enforced by punishments of increasing severity, up to pricking their bodies with aloethorns and holding their faces over burning chillies.

The Columbia river canoe resembled that of the Amur, the bow and stern being pointed at the water-line.

Known, it is a stream of no value except for canoe navigation.