Sentence Examples with the word candlemas

Another fair at Candlemas (2nd of February) was granted by Elizabeth.

It was one of the old quarter-days, being equivalent to midsummer, the others being Martinmas, equivalent to Michaelmas, Candlemas (Christmas) and Whitsuntide (Easter).

The custom of blessing the candles for the whole year on this day, whence the name Candlemas is derived, did not come into common use until the i 1 th century.

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Violet vestments are also worn on days of intercession, at votive masses of the Passion, at certain other masses of a pronouncedly intercessory and penitential character, at intercessory processions, at the blessing of candles on Candlemas Day, and at the blessing of the baptismal water.

This is no longer held, but fairs at Candlemas and St James, of ancient but uncertain origin, remain.