Sentence Examples with the word candied

They are also salted and eaten with rice, prepared in the form of pickles or candied and preserved in sugar.

The imports consist principally of machinery, coal, grain, dried fish, tobacco and hides, and the exports of hemp, hides, olive oil, soap, coral, candied fruit, wine, straw hats, boracic acid, mercury, and marble and alabaster.

According to a British consular report for 1904 there were 153 manufacturing establishments in the city producing cotton, linen and silk textiles, leather, boots and shoes, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, beer, flour, conserves and candied fruits, cigars and cigarettes, Italian pastes, chocolate, starch, hats, oils, ice, furniture, pianos and other musical instruments, matches, beds, candles, chemicals, iron and steel, printing-type, paint and varnish, glass, looking-glass, cement and artificial stone, earthenware, bricks and tiles, soap, cardboard, papier mache, cartridges and explosives, white lead, perfumery, carriages and wagons, and corks.

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This liqueur is made of fine wine, brandy and candied sugar.

It also occurs in honey, the white appearance of candied honey being due to its separation.

Little Tim was so tame that he would hop on my finger and eat candied cherries out of my hand.

Cubebs were formerly candied and eaten whole, or used ground as a seasoning for meat.

Both Camden and Fuller mention the trade in barrelled oysters and candied eringo-root.

There is a small export trade, chiefly in iron sheets, chemicals, wood and candied fruits.