Sentence Examples with the word candidature

Once he became a candidate for governor, in 1876, but his candidature was a forlorn hope, undertaken from a sense of duty after the regular nominee had withdrawn.

He refused in the same year to accept the French influence in favour of his candidature to the Polish throne, on the ground that it would exclude him from the English.

While the opposition of the German annexationists thwarted this candidature which the Council of State eventually cancelled (Nov.

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His, election was largely owing to the efforts of Adalbert, archbishop of Mainz, and the papal party, who disliked the candidature of Henry's nephew and heir, Frederick II.

He supported Gambetta's candidature there in 1867, and in 1870 he founded an anti-imperial journal, L'Egalite.

Public opinion, excited by the prospect of a war with Chile, naturally supported the candidature of General Roca, and he elected without opposition (12th October 1898).

But the candidature of this person, who had been deposed from the presbyterate under Leo IV., was indefensible.

The failure of his candidature for the Academy in 1830 is said to have been a shock to his enfeebled health.

After the conclusion of the war of devolution in 1667, he allied himself with Louis, and together they agreed to support the candidature of Wolfgang of Neuburg for the vacant Polish throne.

Quashed his candidature in favour of Henry of Luxemburg, afterwards the emperor Henry VII.