Sentence Examples with the word candidacy

In his announcement of his candidacy in 1836 he promised to vote for Hugh L.

He refused to use his full influence in favour of the candidacy of Charles of Valois, brother of Philip IV., lest France became too powerful; and recognized Henry of Luxemburg, whom his representatives crowned emperor at the Lateran in 1312.

He was an ardent supporter of the candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt for the Republican presidential nomination in 1912, and was in charge of the contests for seating the Roosevelt delegates in the national convention.

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He disclaimed any intention to invade, subjugate or oppress 1 Without Lincoln's knowledge or consent, the managers of his candidacy before the convention bargained for Cameron's votes by promising to Cameron a place in Lincoln's cabinet, should Lincoln be elected.

His long term of service in the House, his leadership of his party on its floor, his candidacy for the speakership, and his recent election to the United States Senate, marked him out as the available man.

One of the things that commended his candidacy to certain cardinals was his physical vigour, which seemed to promise a long pontificate.

He was defeated by Richard Henry Lee and William Grayson in his candidacy for the United States Senate, but in his own district he was chosen a representative to Congress, defeating James Monroe, who seems to have had the powerful support of Patrick Henry.

No greater impetus than this could have been given to Van Buren's candidacy for the vice-presidency.