Sentence Examples with the word camus

ARMAND GASTON CAMUS (1740-1804), French revolutionist, was a successful advocate before the Revolution.

Richemont caused the assassination of Charles's favourites Pierre de Giac and Le Camus de Beaulieu, and imposed one of his own choosing, Georges de la Tremoille, an adventurer who rapidly usurped the constable's power.

CHARLES ETIENNE LOUIS CAMUS (1699-1768), French mathematician and mechanician, was born at Crecy-en-Brie, near Meaux, on the 25th of August 1699.

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On the 14th of August 1789 the Constituent Assembly made Camus its archivist, and in that capacity he organized the national archives, classified the papers of the different assemblies of the Revolution and drew up analytical tables of the procesverbaux.