Sentence Examples with the word campion

In 1581 Campion was arrested, but Parsons made his escape to Rouen, whence he returned to Rome, where he continued to direct the English mission.

In 1582 after the execution of Father Campion he withdrew to Dethick, and attaining his majority occupied himself for a short time with the management of his estates.

EDMUND CAMPION (1540-1581), English Jesuit, was born in London, received his early education at Christ's Hospital, and, as the best of the London scholars, was chosen in their name to make the complimentary speech when Queen Mary visited the city on the 3rd of August 1553.

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Jesuit invasion took place in 1580, and Campion went to the block.

On his release he went to London, where he was a member of the association of young men founded in 1580 to assist the Jesuits Edmund Campion and Robert Parsons.

Of all the Jesuit missionaries who suffered for their allegiance to the ancient religion, Campion stands the highest.

An admirable biography is to be found in Richard Simpson's Edmund Campion (1867); and a complete list of his works in De Backer's Bibliotheque de la compagnie de Jesus.