Sentence Examples with the word camping

Barry Links, a triangular sandy track occupying the south-eastern corner of the shire, are used as a camping and manoeuvring ground for the artillery and infantry forces of the district, and occasionally of Scotland.

Betsy remained down in the dumps over Martha's departure but per usual, she successfully researched the Internet and found directions to eight different camping parks in the area.

The couple was newly married, Bird Song still under construction, and with Fred out of town, they stole two days on a camping honeymoon.

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He was going to be camping down the line from me, but he had to leave.

The place was formerly a favourite camping ground of the Indians, and was settled by whites in 1829.

He's been camping in Keene for a week, looking for us.

The camping area was a riot of color, with thousands of bodies wrapped in every tone and shade of tight-fitting Lycra, each an individual fashion statement on a rock-hard frame.

Anciently the country on both sides of the Euphrates was habitable as far as the river Khabur; at the present time it is all desert from Birejik downward, the camping ground of Bedouin Arabs, the great tribe of Anazeh occupying esh-Sham, the right bank, and the Shammar the left bank, Mesopotamia of the Romans, now called elJezireh or the island.

The tick especially infests old huts and camping grounds and is nocturnal in habit, spending the day hidden in crevices of the walls or floor and coming out at night to feed upon the sleeping inmates.

Dean wondered if he and Cynthia would be camping in their pup tent in Bird Song's back yard.