Sentence Examples with the word campaigning

There he was arrested and imprisoned for a time until Napoleon's influence procured his release, and further gained for him a post as commissioner in the French army campaigning in Germany.

In 1805 he acted as chief of the French government while Napoleon was campaigning in Germany.

The campaigning ranged from Appledore in Kent to Exeter, from Chester to Shoeburyness; but wherever the invaders transferred themselves, either the king, or his son Edward, or his son-in-law Ethelred, the ealdorman of Mercia, was promptly at hand with a competent army.

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His campaigning was not yet at an end, for in 1673 he was appointed by the stadtholder William III.

But there was little scope there for the activities of a young and energetic subaltern, and, leaving the service in 1836, he entered the Carlist army campaigning in Spain.

Harsha was the younger son of the raja of Thanesar, and gained his first experience of campaigning while still a boy in the successful wars 2 V.

Vandeleur, Campaigning on the Upper Nile and Niger (London, 1898), with introduction by Sir George Goldie; Major A.

Henry had only two years longer to live; they were spent in incessant and successful campaigning against the partisans of his brother-in-law, the dauphin Charles; by a long D th f series of sieges the partisans of that worthless prince 11ry V.

The greater part of March (the birth-month of Mars), beginning from the 1st, on which day the ancile was said to have fallen from heaven and the campaigning season began, was devoted to various ceremonies connected with the Salii.

Her husband found campaigning in Flanders under Alva a welcome relief from domestic life; and, after having lost all he possessed by a forfeited security and tried without success the trade of tavern-keeping in the village of Elmendingen, he finally, in 1589, deserted his family.