Sentence Examples with the word cameroon

The greater part of Africa north of the equator is without any representatives of the conifers; Juniperus procera flourishes in Somaliland and on the mountains of Abyssinia; a species of Podocarpus occurs on the Cameroon mountains, and P. milanjiana is widely distributed in east tropical Africa.

On Cameroon peak the forest ascends to 8000 ft.; above it is grass land.

A column of about 600 men cooperated with French forces in the operations in Cameroon and other units aided in the defence of northern Rhodesia.

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The Negroid peoples, which inhabit the vast tracts of forest and savanna between the areas held by Bushmen to the south and the Hamites, Semites and Libyans to the north, fall into two groups divided by a line running from the Cameroon (Rio del Rey) crossing the Ubangi river below the bend and passing between the Ituri and the Semliki rivers, to Lake Albert and thence with a slight southerly trend to the coast.

The term river is more particularly confined to a ramification of the estuary which receives the waters of the Mungo river (a considerable stream which flows south from the Cameroon mountains), the Wuri, a river coming from the north-east, and various smaller rivers.

Basalt and tuff, probably of Tertiary age, form the great mass of the Cameroon mountain, also the island of Fernando Po.

Pygmaeus) of Guinea; Hylarnus includes one species from Cameroon and a second from the Semliki forest; while Nesotragus comprises the East African suni antelopes, N.

At the foot of the Cameroon peak a number of estuaries cut deep bays which form excellent harbours.

Cretaceous rocks occur around the basalt platform of the Cameroon mountain and generally along the coastal belt.

In the Bight of Biafra the coast forms an exception, being high and bold, with the Cameroon Mountains for background.