Sentence Examples with the word calvinist

In 1848-1849 it formed a refuge for the national government and legislature when Budapest fell into the hands of the Austrians; and it was in the great Calvinist church that, on Kossuth's motion (April 14th, 1849) the resolution was passed declaring the house of Habsburg to have forfeited the crown of St Stephen.

II, 1860), shrewdly guessing that the Patent was directed as much against the Hungarian constitution as against the Calvinist confession.

A murderous attack upon Coligny, who had opposed the candidature of Catherines favorite son, the duke of Anjou, for the throne of Poland, having only succeeded in wounding him and in exciting the Calvinist leaders, who were congregated in Paris for the occasion of Marguerite deValoismarriage with the king of Navarre,Catherine and the Guises resolved together to put them all to death.

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Dr Shedd was a high Calvinist and was one of the greatest systematic theologians of the American Presbyterian church.

The publication of the Zurich Consensus (Consensus Tigurinus) in 1549 marks the adherence of the Swiss to Calvinist theology.

In theology he upheld the Arminian against the Calvinist position, but always with courtesy and fairness; his resignation on doctrinal grounds of the superintendency (1768-1771) of the countess of Huntingdon's college at Trevecca left no unpleasantness.

The bishops at once made a high bid for the favour of the new Sigis- king by consenting to the coronation of his Calvinist munddl., consort (Dec. 7, 1550) and the king five days l.,48-1572.

He remained faithful to the Calvinist persuasion, and soon returned to Geneva, where he became active in public affairs.

Margaret of Parma meanwhile, with the aid of a considerable body of German mercenaries, had inflicted exemplary punishment upon the iconoclasts and Calvinist sectaries.

The whole family seems, indeed, to have worn a character of austerity and dignity, and when Millet's father finally decided to test the vocation of his son as an artist, it was with a gravity and authority which recalls the patriarchal households of Calvinist France.