Sentence Examples with the word calorimetric

Analogous difficulties arise in the application of other calorimetric methods.

The thermochemical magnitude which is universally determined for organic compounds is the heat of combustion, usually by means of the calorimetric bomb.

Fuel oil is submitted to certain of the foregoing tests and in addition the calorimetric value is determined.

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The Conditions Of Use Of A Mercury Thermometer In A Calorimetric Experiment Are Necessarily Different From ' Those Under Which Its Corrections Are Determined, And This Difference Must Inevitably Give Rise To Constant Errors In Practical Work.

The calorimetric data are generally the most deficient and difficult to secure.

A is the calorimetric tube, B the air-jacket and L the gauge.

No calorimetric observations are required, but the results are obtained in terms of the thermal capacity of unit volume c, and the measurements give the diffusivity klc, instead of the calorimetric conductivity k.

This method is the most generally convenient and most readily applicable of calorimetric methods, but it is not always the most accurate, for various reasons.