Sentence Examples with the word calmly

When his daughter brought him the news, More calmly said, I' faith, Meg.

Therefore a mother, passing from the chamber which has just witnessed her paroxysms of grief, will describe calmly to a strangerespecially a foreignerthe death of her only child.

A voice from the other stall cried out the name Julie, but I had opened it too, and with knife at the woman's throat, calmly told her to adjust her clothing and come with me.

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Archimedes perished in the confusion of the sack while he was calmly pursuing his studies (Liv.

During one of these moments of awkward silence when Anatole's prominent eyes were gazing calmly and fixedly at her, Natasha, to break the silence, asked him how he liked Moscow.

This responsibility, however, weighed but lightly on her; while her son was overwhelmed with remorse, she calmly enjoyed her short-lived triumph.

Only at prayer did she feel able to think clearly and calmly of Prince Andrew and Anatole, as men for whom her feelings were as nothing compared with her awe and devotion to God.

He reached the edge of the tall roof, stepped one foot out into the air, and walked into space as calmly as if he were on firm ground.

Looking into his eyes, you seemed to see there the yet lingering images of those thousand-fold perils he had calmly confronted through life.

Essential modifications could not, of course, be at once effected or even indicated in a power whose life-blood is tradition, and whose main strength has always lain in calmly abiding the issue of events and in temporizing.