Sentence Examples with the word callous

The police showed callous disregard for innocent lives.

I know it sounds callous - and that there's more to life than work - but we really need the money.

Seldom had a good cause such an unworthy figurehead as that callous and apathetic prince.

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The nurse caused the callous murder of fifteen patients.

For this reason a blister is placed upon the callous ulcer, which heals with the fresh inflammation thus excited.

Libertarianism seems to dissolve to an unworldly atomism, and seems far too callous about real human pain.

He prayed to all the deities he never, ever grew aloof and callous towards the humans.

He had callous indifference for helpless weakness.

Stealing the coats was a callous act.

The idea sickened her as much as his callous dismissal of the deaths of men who were a part of their Tiyan family.