Sentence Examples with the word call out

Nor is it in the sphere of taxation alone that Williams organization of the realm stands on the old English customs. In the military sphere, though his normal army is the feudal force composed of the tenants-in-chief and the knights whom they have enfeoffed, he retains the power to call out the fyrd, the old national levee en masse, without regard to whether its members are freemen or villeins of some lord.

So I write you frankly: call out the militia.

Aspiring to liberate himself at once from foreign control, he summarily dismissed Mustafa Pasha Fehmi (15th January 1893), whom he considered too amenable to English influence, and appointed Except in so far as it was necessary to call out men to guard the banks of the Nile in the season of high flood.

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For a number of years after the end of the conflict, the Indians were comparatively peaceful; but in 1831 the delay of the Sauk and Foxes in withdrawing from the lands in northern Illinois, caused Governor John Reynolds (1788-1865) to call out the militia.

She'd left town a year ago to get away from two heartbreaks: Papa's death and Aaron's unavailability, only for him to call out of the blue when she just so happened to be in town.

The features seen differ according to the line used, as the circumstances prevailing at different levels of the chromosphere call out one line or another with greater intensity.

She started to call out to him, but a pretty young Indian girl emerged from those same bushes.

It was necessary to call out two brigades of the state militia before the disorder was finally suppressed.