Sentence Examples with the word call on

I came to call on Mr. Abbott and had carefully shut off his power and was ready to visit when what do I see but he has company.

The development of this undertaking necessitated the establishment of stores and workshops at Stanley, and ships can be repaired and provided in every way; a matter of importance since not a few vessels, after suffering injury during heavy weather off Cape Horn, call on the Falklands in distress.

During some time Johnson continued to call on his patron, but, after being repeatedly told by the porter that his lordship was not at home, took the hint, and ceased to present himself at the inhospitable door.

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Though she had firmly resolved not to call on the Rostovs again and to forget the whole matter, she felt herself all the time in an awkward position.

Evelyn might love her but would probably not welcome a call on her wedding night.

On the south coast must also be named Bonthain (4000); on the east coast, Balong-Nipa; and Buton and Saleyer, seats of administration and ports of call on the island groups of the same names.

One minister who appeared in gold lace and dress sword for his first, and regularly appointed, official call on the president, was received - as he insisted with studied purpose - by Jefferson in negligent undress and slippers down at the heel.

Perhaps I'll call on this gentleman and ask him as I dally in Ohio.

Next day, by Marya Dmitrievna's advice, Count Rostov took Natasha to call on Prince Nicholas Bolkonski.

Corps approaching, whilst the rain of shells into St Privat exceeded anything hitherto seen on any battlefield, decided to call on the whole of his force to attack.