Sentence Examples with the word caliphate

Indeed, in the time of the caliphate this was the channel of the Tigris, and on its banks stood the important city of Wasit.

His success was constant and the caliphate was brought very low by him.

The word first appears under the caliphate of Omar (A.D.

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The Caliphate under the Omayyads of Damascus, and then the Abbasids of Bagdad, became the principal power in the nearer East.

And as the Bagdad caliphate tended to become more and more supreme in Islam, so the gaonate too shared in this increased influence.

With the fall of the Bagdad caliphate all attempts at control from that quarter came to an end.

The conflict for the caliphate (q.v.) between Omayyad and Abbasid removed all shadew of control by the head of the Mahommedan world, and Spain was given up to mere anarchy.

Muir, Caliphate (London, 1891), pp.368-9.

The hostility of the decadent caliphate of Cairo was the less dangerous; and though Baldwin I.

Under the caliphate of Mamun, Saman, a Persian noble of Balkh, who was a close friend of the Arab governor of Khorasan, Asad b.