Sentence Examples with the word calico

The cotton manufacture is the principal industry; there are also calico printing, dyeing and bleaching works, machinery and iron works, woollen manufactures, and coal mines and quarries in the vicinity.

In connection with the cotton industry there are a few mills where calico is made or oil crushed, and ginning-mills are numerous.

The industries of Bonhill centre in the calico printing, dyeing and bleaching which find their headquarters in the valley.

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It is the seat of various iron and other metal industries, and has cloth and calico mills.

The salt is used as a mordant in dyeing and calico printing, and also for making textiles non-inflammable.

Up to 1840 the mill hands, with the exception of English dyers and calico printers, were New England girls.

Citric acid is used in calico printing, also in the preparation of effervescing draughts, as a refrigerant and sialogogue, and occasionally as an antiscorbutic, instead of fresh lemon juice.

Dean left the parking lot on Elm Street, turned left on Church, and after dutifully pausing for a calico cat to stalk a pigeon, he continued out Yoder Avenue, watching the city slowly dissolve in his rearview mirror.

Fred O'Connor, at 74, had long since finished his working career, a calico collection of jobs which changed with the telling, none of which gave him a pension.

Copper sulphate finds application in calico printing and in the preparation of the pigment Scheele's green.