Sentence Examples with the word calendar

The Common Practice Was To Make Occasional Corrections As They Became Necessary, In Order To Preserve The Relation Between The Octennial Period And The State Of The Heavens; But These Corrections Being Left To The Care Of Incompetent Persons, The Calendar Soon Fell Into Great Disorder, And No Certain Rule Was Followed Till A New Division Of The Year Was Proposed By Meton And Euctemon, Which Was Immediately Adopted In All The States And Dependencies Of Greece.

But At The End Of A Century The Order Is Interrupted In The Gregorian Calendar By The Secular Suppression Of The Leap Year; Hence The Cycle Can Only Be Employed During A Century.

The Gregorian Calendar Was Introduced Into Spain, Portugal And Part Of Italy The Same Day As At Rome.

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Lindo, Jewish Calendar for Sixty-four Years (1838); W.

At his instigation the calendar was revised, and a new era, dating from the reign of Malik Shah and known as the Jelalian, was introduced.

LADY DAY, originally the name for all the days in the church calendar marking any event in the Virgin Mary's life, but now restricted to the feast of the Annunciation, held on the 25th of March in each year.

No Account Is Taken Of This Blunder In Chronology; And It Is Tacitly Supposed That The Calendar Has Been Correctly Followed From Its Commencement.

There is evidence to show that the Aztecs adopted the civilization of the Toltecs, including their religion (Quetzalcoatl being a god of the Toltecs and Mayas), calendar and architecture.

In The Julian Calendar The Dominical Letters Are Readily Found By Means Of A Short Cycle, In Which They Recur In The Same Order Without Interruption.

Vast masses of Walsingham's correspondence are preserved in the Record Office and the British Museum; some have been epitomized in the Foreign Calendar (as far as 1582); and his correspondence during his two embassies to France was published in extenso by Sir Dudley Digges in 1655 under the title The Compleat Ambassador, possibly, as has been suggested by Dr Stahlin, to give a fillip to the similar policy then being pursued by Oliver Cromwell.