Sentence Examples with the word cafeteria

A familiar shape in the dark corner of the cafeteria caught his attention as he passed, and he paused to raise a hand in greeting.

The cafeteria was four times the size of the one she was used to, and she lingered in the doorway, finally catching the attention of a convent member.

The woman led her straight into a small cafeteria with rustic tables and benches, an open fireplace, and a sagging buffet table along one wall.

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Carmen led Felipa to the cafeteria and bought her lunch.

Dan met him in the hall, and they went to the cafeteria together.

The cafeteria where she led him looked medieval at best, a stone hall with lines of crude picnic tables and dark hearths.

Located right off the kitchens, the cafeteria was awash with the smells of bread, fruit pies and the jerk-spiced meat the Caribbean was renowned for.

He went to a dark corner in the cafeteria to wait.

She wasn.t hungry but walked toward the cafeteria so she wouldn.t be alone with her thoughts.

She couldn't tell them apart yet and looked around to determine if this courtyard was the one near the medieval cafeteria or not.