Sentence Examples with the word caesarean

But in 1376-1377 he was known merely as the outspoken critic of the Caesarean clergy and the papacy.

In 49 Juba inflicted on the Caesarean army a crushing defeat, in which Curio was slain (Vell.

He was placed in a difficult predicament by the action of the council, and his letter to the Caesarean church explaining his conduct is exceedingly interesting and instructive (see Socrates, Hist.

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It must not be confounded with the Caesarean era of Antioch, which began seventeen years earlier.

Hitzig had already found a Caesarean letter in i.

The higher clergy were more than ever immersed in affairs of state, Caesarean as Wycliffe would have called them.

According to the computation of the Greeks, the 49th year of the Caesarean era began in the autumn of the year preceding the commencement of the Christian era; and, according to the Syrians, the 49th year began in the autumn of the first year of the Incarnation.

This was also called the Caesarean Indiction.

The other also dates from the Caesarean period; it mentions many interesting details, and concludes with a fine exposition of the Lord's Prayer.