Sentence Examples with the word cadetship

In 1783 he obtained a cadetship in a French regiment at Strassburg.

He was educated at Rugby and Cambridge, and accepted a cadetship in the Indian army at the advanced age for those days of twenty-three.

He began life as a clerk, but, obtaining an appointment to a cadetship at West Point in 1825, he graduated there in 1829, and acted as assistant professor of mathematics 1829-1832.

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He received his early education at Taunton school, and was given a cadetship in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in 1848.

At the age of twelve he received a cadetship in the Indian army, and in April 1783 he landed at.

Educated at Winchester, he obtained a cadetship in the Bengal infantry in 1842, and served through the second Burmese War.