Sentence Examples with the word côtes

About the middle of July Cotes went to London, in the expectation doubtless to bring down with him to Cambridge the corrected portion of the Principia.

As a mathematician, he was the only Englishman after Sir Isaac Newton and Roger Cotes capable of holding his own with the Bernoullis; but a great part of the effect of his demonstrations was lost through his failure to express his ideas fully and clearly.

Although Cotes was impatient to begin his work, it was nearly the end of September before the corrected copy was put into his hands.

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Newton's desire to have no hand in writing the preface seems. to have proceeded from a knowledge that Cotes was proposing to allude to the dispute about the invention of fluxions.

The best of the Cotes wines are grown in the St Emilion St reg i on.

The Cotes district consists of the slopes rising from the lower marshy regions to the east of the Garonne and the Dordogne respectively.

ROGER COTES (1682-1716), English mathematician and philosopher, was born on the 10th of July 1682 at Burbage, Leicestershire, of which place his father, the Rev. Robert Cotes, was rector.