Sentence Examples with the word bye

Now that was a good bye kiss.

Had gained secure possession of the throne, Arabella was received at court and treated with favour, and she showed her fidelity to James by revealing a communication made to her by the conspirators in the Main and Bye Plots, in which her name had been used without her sanction.

But bye and bye, as she stared ahead into the black chasm with a beating heart, she began to dimly see the form of the horse Jim--his head up in the air, his ears erect and his long legs sprawling in every direction as he tumbled through space.

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Very good, then; good bye now, and I'll call again in a minute.

She didn't even say good bye to her lover.

Good bye good times and good wine; bring on the boxed stuff and bills.

He'd already said good bye to all of them earlier.