Sentence Examples with the word buyer

At some point a buyer will come to town, offer a low price, and the farmer will be compelled to sell because the risk of not selling is too high; he may not get another offer and the crop might rot for poor storage.

As it was often clearly to the advantage of the buyer that he should receive immediate delivery he did not object to water in moderation, but art soon began to run a little ahead of nature.

The farmers, with these contracts in hand, can plant aggressively knowing they have a ready buyer at a fixed price.

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On the side of the casing which is next to the buyer there is a vertical slot through which the weight of the goods can be read on the drum.

The essentially dishonest practice of deluging yarn with water, which has sometimes even degenerated into the use of weighting materials deleterious to weaving, has been recognized as a great nuisance, but while various attempts have been made to protect the buyer the question seems to have pretty well settled itself on the principles which commonly rule the sales of commodities between those who intend to do business continuously.

When transferred to the buyer's warehouses the bags are opened and each piece is examined by a public inspector in the presence of both buyer and seller, the quality of the opium being judged by appearance, odour, colour and weight.

There has been a longcontinued discussion, which between buyer and seller sometimes degenerates into a dispute, on the subject of moisture in yarns, and the difficulty is not confined to the Lancashire industry.

A buyer had to convince himself of the seller's title.

The buyer was bewildered by the range available.